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The OnBelay Security Solutions team of investigators provides comprehensive and confidential investigations for multi- national corporations, privately held companies, law firms, educational institutions, and high net-worth individuals for issues including theft, fraud, conflicts of interest, due diligence, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, cyber-crime, financial investigations, and many others.

OnBelay’s investigative reach is extensive and we clearly understand the business sensitivities of the investigative process for our clients. The expertise that OnBelay Security Solutions investigators bring is wide-ranging in breadth and depth. Our expertise comes from extensive training, many years of experience in Federal, State and Local investigative agencies and multi-national corporations, and with a clear understanding and working knowledge of the criminal and civil justice systems. We not only provide clients with accurate and actionable information, but our consultation with clients regarding investigative results can be invaluable for the business decision process and putting the investigative results to the best and most appropriate use.

When clients have an investigative concern, the bottom line is they need to know the facts in order to make the best business decisions. OnBelay Security Solutions investigators, teamed with the experience and established reputation of Manis Investigations, are experts in developing and analyzing the facts so you can confidently make the best decision for your business.

Security Consulting

OnBelay Security Solutions provides comprehensive security consulting services for various issues that confront business, such as:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Security Surveys
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Awareness Programs
  • Travel Security
  • Intellectual Property Protection Protocols
  • Penetration Audits & IT Security
  • Security Training Programs

OnBelay personnel have provided security consultation services for diverse industries like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Educational Institutions
  • Mining
  • Government Agencies
  • Service Sector
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Retail

Tactical Training

OnBelay’s staff of highly experienced, former FBI SWAT operators and other specialists, provide state of the art defensive firearms and tactical training to select clients. Training courses are customized to meet our client’s specific needs. OnBelay’s courses incorporate practical and legal considerations reflecting our many years of professional application in the real world. Contact OnBelay for discrete consultation concerning the training and preparation you require.

Courses tailored to our client’s specific needs include:

  • Defensive Handgun and Rifle
  • Advanced Firearms Skills
  • Concealed Carry
  • Specialized Tactics and Operations
  • Active Shooter Response

Executive Protection

OnBelay Security Solutions personnel have extensive experience in the protection of high profile executives and others in high risk locations around the world. They have provided protection details throughout the United States and around the globe, to include such high risk areas as Afghanistan. OnBelay understands that a key factor in protecting our clients from harm is recognizing the primary importance of advance planning and countermeasure tactics. When plans for travel to high risk areas are anticipated, executives can contact OnBelay Security Solutions for a candid evaluation of their travel plans. OnBelay can also provide consultation regarding the establishment of an Executive Protection detail for corporate clients.

Undercover Investigations

OnBelay Security Solutions provides for the management and supervision of undercover operations for many business settings. For investigations that require an investigator to work in an undercover capacity inside the business operation, the selection and supervision of the undercover investigator is critical. OnBelay personnel have extensive experience in formulating, managing and supervising such an operation. Undercover operations that are managed professionally can be successful in identifying such business problems as theft, sabotage, and drugs in the workplace, among others.